Safe playing grounds all around
Car free zone. Adequate parking

Your Absolute Security

Your home is your most important investment in life. It is just natural that you are concerned about your security and the future of your investment. This is why you owe it to yourself to find out more about your developers. Our success in previous projects is a testimony to our excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to improve and innovate in order to meet our own high standards. Projects such as Kileleshwa Palm Springs, Lavington Princess Park, Karen Bel Air country homes and The Greenhouse office park in Ngong Road, Nairobi, demonstrate our commitment to provide unrivalled quality. Sunset Boulevard offers you yet again great value for money.

We work hard to seek the very best solutions in order to offer a home environment that not only meets the most stringent planning regulations, but also bring new excitement to the market through embracing fresh initiatives and championing the latest ideas. For us, developing new homes is much more than simply laying bricks. We endeavor to build superior design and adopt innovative working practices to generate the sophisticated look of your home, together with the landscaping and the facilities layouts.

Sunset Boulevard is bordered by a 2.1m high perimeter fence, it has a central controlled gate with professional and friendly guards and scheduled patrols 24/7 around the estate.