Beautiful setting. Golf carts for inner transport
Ideal for young families

Your Smart Investment

With increasing rental costs set to double in five years and the evident lack of home space for sale in all markets and affordable homes in particular, Sunset Boulevard is one of the most attractive investments in town. As a result, capital growth can add substantial value to your property on top of a steady monthly income. Yields are increasing and rental income may be as high as 9% per annum, but you have to hurry, as current prices are on the rise.

In order to offer you value, our prices are set per unit depending on floor location. Prices start from KSh.2,900,000, while cash and bulk sales can benefit from a discount. Finance is available subject to appropriate qualification.

Located in a popular busy route, the flats can yield high monthly income, as more and more people feel proud to be associated with Sunset Boulevard, enjoying its unique and distinctive taste.