Lively paths. Peaceful surrounding
Central boulevard crossing from the entrance to the river side

Your Enriched Environment

Sunset Boulevard homes are beautifully designed and flexible enough to adapt to your current and future requirements. We also believe that your broader environment – the development within which your home is set – should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical, offering you all you need to enjoy living in your new Sunset Boulevard home.

The combination of homes and carefully selected amenities in Sunset Boulevard, creates a customized and exclusive mixture, which enhances your quality of life forming an exceptional social blend and atmosphere.

Determined to create a unique, stress-free environment, Sunset Boulevard offers landscaped gardens and water features using natural materials and bright colors. Sunset Boulevard home is roomy and airy, and is set in a very relaxing atmosphere. Sunset Boulevard is the answer to existing dark and cluttered concrete jungles of current housing projects and fills in the gap in quality homes surrounded by green areas. Sunset Boulevard will be the ideal place to come home after a long day at work.

Made in Kenya, but designed internationally, Sunset Boulevard is the latest in practical modern design, maximizing light, greenery and space.