Dining room
Fully-catered kitchen
Well spaced living areas
Master bedroom

Your New Home

All Sunset Boulevard homes, big or small, are designed with smooth and sleek lines, offering ample space with no waste. Sizes are well-calculated to offer usability on one hand and coziness on the other. Water is supplied by a borehole as well as roof tanks. Although the internal design of the home is up to each individual, for your convenience we provide typical setting for furniture. In the corridors and passage ways, one can enjoy the natural lighting coming through wells carved inside the blocks. Circulation in private and common areas is generous and accurately planned. Each unit has uninterrupted garden views.

Many units have a riverfront view. The modern shopping facilities include all your immediate needs for your convenience. Wide green boulevards are situated between the buildings forming a tranquil setting where children can play, adults can socialize or jog and families can enjoy the serenity.

The green lawns form a buffer zone between the buildings leading all the way down to the river, where the boulevard turns to a promenade. The lawns are completely car-free and can be viewed from the homes around. A typical Sunset Boulevard block has full length windows to bring light into the staircase. In addition every floor has four apartments with a central atrium providing fresh air and light into the corridors. Water features, playgrounds, gazebos and sitting areas are provided within the boulevard adding to the ‘feel good’ factor during day or night. All parking lots are located around the perimeter to allow parking for each and every unit.